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The Spotlight Circus Initiative is a free, one-month program for Guilford County Students ages 12-18 to learn Circus Arts with Professional Acrobats from across the United States! 

Application Requirements:

- Must be a student in Guilford County between age 12-18

- Must have transportation to and from trainings at Club Fitness in Greensboro

- Must be able to attend each training session and the final performance. See Weekly Schedule below.

*There is no cost for the program.*


Spotlight is a one-month long initiative that Pais students with high-level acrobats to learn the basics of different circus disciplines as a means to foster creativity, professional development, community, and more. 


Students will spend 4-weeks learning different circus skills both individually and as a group as well as other skills in dance and physical theatre. Students will work in a group to develop a unique community performance, driven by the ideas of the students and assisted by our Artists. The end of the program will culminate with a community performance opportunity.

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